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Born as if by magic, according to the legend, the Tequendama Falls was the saving element in a time, much like now, the strong rains where sweeping everything up. Bochica opened up the stones and the water flowed between them to give the flooded fields a breather and it became a national symbol. Centuries later it would become the sad thread of filthy water that we know today, abandoned and forgotten.


The photograph brings the Salto back to life through a time tunnel. Recreating the mysticism of the place, it seems like we find ourselves in the once luxurious hotel, as in a family trip like the ones tourists made to be mesmerized by this creation of nature. But reality sneaks in through the old pictures.


The Salto is only possible to relive through the yellowish memory and registration of those who were lucky enough to be there, because today the hotel has been abandoned, the smell is unbearable and the water, until a few days ago, did not fall. The unstoppable rain of the past months have given the Salto the savior nature it had in pre-Colombian times, but not without causing a bitter-sweet feeling. Its rebirth is a desperate attempt to solve the crisis and when it passes, it will die and go back to being just an empty abyss again. The photograph us the waterfall but in an indirect way.


Helped by reminiscence, we must complete the image we see, just as we would in front of the actual scenery: complete it with memories, since the present leaves much to be desired. What we see are fragments of a past reality further and further away.


The show does not want to judge. It does try to put us in front of a problem that we have caused ourselves because of negligence or ignorance. As Antonio Caballero says in his text, the Salto is a metaphor of what we are doing to the place we live in: dry it up, get it dirty, steal it; and then blame someone else. It looks to making a commitment to that which was once a reason for pride, to recover a symbol that is part of our identity and not let it end in the illusion of the photograph or memory, take responsibility and act.


Abril 9 de 2013


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